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        To further improve Our company's each service, strengthens with the customer between the ......
          About us
        Business purposes: from society to pay back the community
        Corporate vision: a well-known brands of domestic packaging industry, century-old heritage of achievements Guang-xin
        Entrepreneurial spirit: everything in advance, and dare to lead, pragmatic, step-by-step best
        Core values: Focus on customers, advocating knowledge, people of the harmonious, sincere Jing-ye
        Business philosophy: to create value for customers, creating opportunities for their employees, creating benefits for the enterprise, to create wealth for society
        Corporate motto: integrity man raised his head, planted the first serious work
        Talent Concept: respect for people, understanding people, caring for people, people cultivate
        Style of work: rigorous, collaborative, innovative, efficient
        Quality policy: the pursuit of excellence, to exceed customer expectations
        Marketing idea: Only good reputation in order to market better
        Trademark concepts: to unite as one, they have boundless vitality ... ...
        Company address:No.428, River Bank Road, Longgang Town, Cangnan County,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province,China.
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